Wacom Intuos5 Touch L manual

Wacom Intuos5 Touch L manual

PDF manual · 129 pages · English
User’s manual
Intuos5 touch (PTH-450, PTH-650, PTH-850)
Intuos5 (PTK-450, PTK-650)
Setting up
Using a pen
Customizing a pen
Using the tablet
Customizing the tablet
Navigating with touch
Customizing touch
Using the Radial Menu
Application-specific settings
Going Wireless
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Table of contents

Your Intuos5 tablet
   Identify your tablet model
   Intuos5 touch tablet
   Intuos5 tablet
   Intuos5 pen
Setting up Intuos5
   Configuring the tablet orientation
   USB cable installation
   Understanding the tablet active area
   Working with multiple monitors
   Control panel basics
Using Intuos5
   Using the Grip Pen
      Holding the pen
      Using the side switch
      Drawing with pressure sensitivity
      Drawing with tilt
      Eye-hand coordination exercise
   Tablet controls
      Using the ExpressKeys
      Using the Touch Ring
The touch experience with Intuos5
   Navigating with touch
   Customizing touch
      Setting the touch options
      Choosing standard touch functions
      Choosing custom touch functions
      Disabling touch
   Testing touch
Customizing Intuos5
   Manage your control panel settings
   Control panel overview
   Customizing the pen
      Adjusting tip feel and double-click
      Adjusting eraser feel
      Advanced tip and eraser pressure settings
      Customizing tool buttons
      Customizing tilt sensitivity
   Customizing the tablet functions
      Customizing the ExpressKeys
      Customizing the Touch Ring
   Tablet to screen mapping
      Portion of screen area
      Portion of tablet area
   Button functions
   Using and customizing the Radial Menu
   Working with Display Toggle
   Application-specific settings
      Creating an application-specific setting
      Changing application-specific settings
      Removing application-specific settings
   Working with multiple tools
   Changing the tablet mode
   Advanced options
Going wireless with Intuos5
   Wireless accessory components
   Wireless setup
      Establishing a wireless connection
      Optimizing the wireless connection
   Battery and power management
      Charging the battery
      Battery and wireless connection status
      Power saving features
   Battery life information
   Battery replacement
   Wireless module removal
   Wireless receiver storage
   Testing the wireless connection
   Testing your tablet
   Testing the tablet controls and tools
      Testing the ExpressKeys
      Testing the Touch Ring
      Testing a pen
   Troubleshooting tables
      General problems
      Pen problems
      Touch problems
      Wireless connection problems
      Windows-specific problems
      Mac-specific problems
   Technical support options
   Obtaining driver downloads
   Caring for Intuos5
   Replacing the pen nib
   Uninstalling Intuos5
   Using the Express View display
   Managing preferences
   Installing multiple tablets
   Using applications integrated for tablet control
   Importing expert settings
   Using the optional Airbrush and Art Pen
   Using the optional Mouse
      Customizing the mouse
      Testing the mouse
   Pen and digital ink capabilities in Windows
   Product information
   Ordering parts and accessories
   Available parts and accessories
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