HP ScanJet N6350 manual

HP ScanJet N6350 manual

PDF manual · 60 pages · English
HP Scanjet N6350
User Guide
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Table of contents

Use the scanner
   HP scanning software overview
   Scanner overview
      Scanner control panel
      Automatic document feeder (ADF)
      Transparent materials adapter (TMA)
   Scanner settings
      Power Mode
      Restore Defaults
   Load originals
      Use the automatic document feeder (ADF)
         Document loading tips
         How to load documents
      Use the scanner glass
      Use the transparent materials adapter (TMA)
         Load slides or negatives
         Tips for scanning transparent items
   Start a scan
      Use the Scan button
         Tips on using the Scan button
      Use the HP scanning software
      Use other software programs
   Make copies
Configure and manage the scanner on a network
   Connect the scanner to a network
   Change the scanner name
   Connect to additional network scanners
   Install the scanner software on additional computers
   Manage the network scanner
      Management and administration tools
      HP Scanner Tools Utility
      Network settings
         View network settings
         Change network setup type
         Set the link speed
         Change the IP address
         Restore the network defaults
      Embedded Web Server
         Embedded Web Server requirements
         Start the Embedded Web Server
         Embedded Web Server options
Useful scanning features
   Work with scan shortcuts
   Automatically rotate landscape pages
   Automatically remove blank pages
   Automatically straighten scanned images
   Filter out color from a document (color channel dropout)
   Scan without reviewing
Care and maintenance
   Clean the scanner glass
   Clean the transparent materials adapter (TMA)
   Clean the automatic document feeder (ADF)
   HP Scanner Tools Utility scanner maintenance information
   Replace the feed roller and separation pad
   Order maintenance and scanner supplies
   Basic troubleshooting tips
   Scanner LEDs
   Scanner installation troubleshooting
      Check the cables
      Uninstall and reinstall the software
      Problems installing third-party applications that shipped with the scanner
   Scanner initialization or hardware problems
      Check the USB or Ethernet connection
      Check that the scanner has power
      Reset the scanner
      Test the scanner hardware
      Scanner has stopped working properly
      Additional troubleshooting information
   Scanner operation problems
      Scanner will not turn on
      Scanner lamp stays on
      Scanner does not start scan right away
      Scanner is scanning items very slowly
      Custom scan shortcut names do not display correctly on the LCD
      Vertical white stripes appear on the printed page
      Scan files are too large
      The bottom of the image is cut off when scanning from the scanner glass
      Issues with scanning documents or text (OCR)
   Scanner button issues
      Buttons do not work
      An unexpected program opens when a button is pressed
      Wrong shortcut is used when the Scan button is pressed
   Automatic document feeder (ADF) problems
      Scanned image is fuzzy
      Scanned images contain streaks or scratches
      Scanner scans only one side of a double-sided page
      Scanned pages are out of order at the scan destination
      Scanned pages are missing at the scan destination
      The image is completely black or completely white
      Scanned images are not straight
      Clear a jam from the automatic document feeder (ADF)
      Automatic document feeder (ADF) does not feed paper
      The bottom of the scanned image is cut off
   Slides, negatives, and TMA issues
      The image cannot be enlarged
      Incorrect colors print, or the image is too light or dark
      The scanned images are dark
      The transparent materials adapter (TMA) does not work at all
      No light or only dim light is visible in the transparent materials adapter (TMA) after selecting a s ...
   Networking problems
      General network troubleshooting
      Check network status
      Problems connecting to a wired network
   Additional troubleshooting information
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